About Simons Gaming Solutions

Welcome to Simons Gaming Solutions: Where Every Race is a New Adventure

From the pulsating heart of the sim racing universe, a new star is born: Simons Gaming Solutions. Rising from the rich legacy of Simplace.co, the most celebrated sim racing and flight simulation store and marketplace, we stand today as a beacon of high-end service, innovation, quality, and community builder.

Our Odyssey Begins It all started with a dream at Simplace.co, where we weren't just selling sim racing and flight simulation gear; we were part of a pulsating community, living every turn and every ascent with our fellow enthusiasts. This community, our family, inspired us to go beyond – to create something that wasn't just good but legendary.

Enter the S1 Cockpit: A Symphony of Speed and Style The Simons Gaming Solutions S1 cockpit is our flagship for our new brand. Priced at an unbelievable €679, it's not just your "usual" sim racing cockpit; it's a new standard for the sim racing world. With features like integrated LED lights that don't just brighten but electrify your gaming space, a fiberglass seat that cocoons you in unmatched comfort, and a shifter mount ready for the most rigorous of races, the S1 cockpit is a must have for every racing enthusiast.

Our Vision: Revolutionize, Not Just Evolve At Simons Gaming Solutions, we are not just building products; we are sculpting experiences. Our vision is bold yet simple – to revolutionize the sim racing experience. We blend cutting-edge technology with an understanding of what makes a racer's heart beat faster. Our goal? To make premium sim racing experiences accessible to all, from casual gamers to seasoned pros.

Why Choose Simons Gaming Solutions?

  • Innovative by Design: Our products aren't just built; they're engineered with a racer's heart and a designer's eye.
  • Affordability Meets Excellence: We believe that top-notch experiences shouldn't break the bank.
  • Rooted in Community: Born from Simplace.co, we carry a legacy of community engagement and customer-centric innovation.

Join the Simons Gaming Solutions Family We invite you to be part of our journey. Whether you're a veteran of virtual tracks or just starting your racing odyssey, the S1 cockpit is your ticket to a world where every race is a story waiting to be written, and every turn is a memory in the making.

Connect with Us Questions, ideas, or just want to share your race stories? Our team is always here to listen and support. Join us on this thrilling ride into the future of sim racing.

Simons Gaming Solutions S1 sim racing simulator highlight video