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Simons Gaming Solutions S1.5




Complete sim racing cockpit which is suitable for every size and for an accessibel price. No upgrades required!

Simons Gaming Solutions S1.5

Shifter mount

The gear shifter mount can be installed either side for different sim racer preferences. It provides ±16° tilt. The pre-drilled mounting points contribute great compatibility with the most used gear shifters in the market like Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster and more.

Universal Wheelbase Mount

The universal wheelbase mount has a tilting range from +25° to -25°. For compatibility, please check the page here.

Universal Pedal Tray

The universal pedal tray can be tilted up to 25° and can be moved back and forward very easily by 150mm. For compatibility, please check the page here.

Simons S1 Seat Fiberglass

Black Fiberglass Bucket Seat with Cotton Fabric Cover and turquoise blue stitching. The fiber glass sim racing seat can be tilted by +6° to -6° with the seat brackets, and can be moved back and forwards 220mm (8.7") by the seat slider.

Integrated LED Light

The integrated LED lights can switch from colors but that's not all... The LED light can also flow in-sync with the sounds of your game. So when you accelerate in your car, the LED lights will function as RPM lights!

After a month with the Simons S1 Cockpit, I'm absolutely blown away. The combination of the aluminum and tube rig is a game-changer – it feels incredibly stable yet looks sleek in my gaming room. The Fiber Glass seat is the epitome of comfort for long gaming sessions. Best purchase I've made for my sim racing setup!

Jordan - Sim Racer

I've tried several rigs over the years, but the S1 Cockpit stands out. The ease of assembly was a pleasant surprise, taking just about 30 minutes. The LED lighting adds a cool, immersive touch to my races. Plus, the compatibility with different brands is a huge plus for me. Highly recommend it to both beginners and pros.

Lucas - Sim Racing blog writer and Sim Racer

The Simons S1 Cockpit has transformed my sim racing experience. The vision clarity near the wheelbase is exceptional, thanks to its unique design. It's sturdy, looks great, and the Fiber Glass seat is just what I needed for comfort. It's definitely a top-tier cockpit at an incredibly fair price.

Alex - Carting Driver and Sim Racer

As someone new to sim racing, the S1 Cockpit was an excellent start. It's not just the affordability that impressed me, but the overall quality and feel. The adjustability is perfect for finding the right racing position, and the setup process was straightforward. It's a solid, well-thought-out product that I'd recommend to anyone stepping into sim racing.


The attention to detail on the S1 Cockpit is remarkable. From the sturdy shifter mount to the customizable LED lights and the high-end Fiber Glass seat, it's clear that Simons Gaming Solutions didn't cut any corners. It's a sleek, comfortable, and immersive racing cockpit that enhances my performance and enjoyment. A definite must-have for serious racers."

Chris - Sim Racer

Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit


Simons S1 Cockpit Specifications

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Seat included?


Shifter mount included?


Integrated LED included?


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