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Monitor Stands

The heart of any racing sim experience is the visual immersion it provides. A quality monitor stand plays a crucial role in achieving this by ensuring your displays are positioned perfectly for optimal viewing angles and field of view. At Simons Gaming Solutions, we offer a range of sim racing monitor stands, designed specifically for the Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit, catering to both single-monitor and triple-monitor setups.

Conquer Every Corner with Precise Monitor Positioning

Unlike standard monitor stands, our racing sim monitor stands are built with a focus on adjustability and ergonomics. This allows you to fine-tune the position of your monitors for a more natural and comfortable racing experience. Here's how our monitor stands can elevate your sim racing setup:

Height adjustment for reduced neck strain: Finding the ideal viewing height is paramount for reducing neck strain and fatigue during long races. Our monitor stands offer a wide range of height adjustments, allowing you to position your displays perfectly in line with your eye level.

Tilt and swivel for optimal viewing angles: The ability to tilt and swivel your monitors is crucial for achieving the optimal viewing angle. This is especially important in sim racing, where precise viewing of the track and your car's position is vital for peak performance. Our stands provide the necessary flexibility to create the perfect viewing angle for any racing discipline.

Triple monitor stand compatibility for ultimate immersion: For the ultimate in immersive racing experiences, triple-monitor setups are the way to go. Our triple monitor stands for sim racing are built to handle the weight and size of three displays securely, ensuring a stable and immersive racing environment.

Simons Gaming Solutions Monitor Stand Lineup

Our collection of monitor stands caters to a variety of sim racing cockpit setups and preferences:

Single Monitor Stand (75x100): This is a perfect option for those who prefer a clean and focused view. It's ideal for smaller cockpits or for those who prioritize a minimalist setup.

Triple Monitor Stand (100x200): Take your immersion to the next level with a triple-monitor setup. This stand is designed to accommodate three monitors of up to 200mm VESA compatibility, providing a panoramic view of the virtual race track.

Durable Monitor Stands for Sim Racers

At Simons Gaming Solutions, we understand that comfort and performance go hand-in-hand in sim racing. Our monitor stands are constructed from high-quality materials to ensure they can handle the weight of your displays and the rigors of virtual racing. Additionally, the sleek and stylish designs of our stands complement any sim racing cockpit setup including the S1.

Find the Best Monitor Stand for Your Sim Racing Needs

The right monitor stand can make a world of difference in your sim racing experience. By providing optimal viewing angles and improved ergonomics, our monitor stands allow you to race in comfort and focus on achieving peak performance. Browse our collection today and find the perfect stand to elevate your sim racing setup to the next level.