How to take the max performance out of your S1 Cockpit?

Upgrading Your Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit

Upgrading Your Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit

To help you get the most out of your Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit, we’d like to share some tips on maximizing its potential and enhancing your sim racing and flight simulation experience.


Enhancing Your Setup with Dual Shifter/Handbrake Mounts

Simons Gaming Solutions S1 Cockpit with Dual Shifter Mount

One of the most significant upgrades you can make to your S1 Cockpit is adding an extra shifter/handbrake mount. This addition allows you to use both the shifter and handbrake simultaneously, providing a more immersive and realistic racing experience. By having both mounts, you gain better control and precision, making your racing sessions more engaging and lifelike.

  • Better Control: Simultaneously using both the shifter and handbrake allows for quicker and more accurate responses.
  • Increased Immersion: A dual mount setup mimics real-world racing setups, enhancing the overall feel of your simulation.
  • Improved Precision: Having both tools readily available improves your ability to navigate complex tracks and perform advanced maneuvers.

Versatile Flight Simulation

For flight simulation enthusiasts, the dual shifter/handbrake mount provides unparalleled versatility. You can place one shifter mount on the left side and the other on the right side, effectively utilizing the rig for both racing and flight simulation. This configuration offers the best of both worlds, allowing seamless transitions between different types of simulations.

  • Left and Right Configuration: Ideal for flight simulators, where multiple controls are often needed.
  • Enhanced Versatility: Switch between racing and flight simulation without reconfiguring your setup.
  • Realistic Setup: Mimic the layout of actual cockpits, whether for racing or flying, for a more authentic experience.

Optimal Viewing with Monitor Stands

Single Monitor Stand

Simons Gaming Solution Single Monitor Stand

Using our Single Monitor Stand with the S1 Cockpit ensures you have the perfect view of your screen, keeping you fully immersed in the action. The stand is designed to hold your monitor at the ideal height and distance, reducing eye strain and improving comfort during long gaming sessions.

  • Perfect View: Position your monitor at the optimal height and angle for better visibility.
  • Increased Comfort: Reduce neck and eye strain with a properly positioned screen.
  • Enhanced Immersion: Stay fully engaged in your game with a screen that feels like an extension of your cockpit.

Triple Monitor Stand

Simons Gaming Solutions Triple Monitor Stand

For the ultimate sim racing or flight simulation experience, our Triple Monitor Stand provides a panoramic view, enhancing your field of vision and creating a more realistic environment. This setup envelops you in the game, offering a wider perspective that is crucial for both racing and flight simulation.

  • Panoramic View: Enjoy a broader and more immersive field of vision.
  • Realistic Environment: Create a cockpit-like feel with screens surrounding you.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Gain a competitive edge with a more comprehensive view of your surroundings.


At Simons Gaming Solutions, we are committed to helping you get the best experience from our products. We believe these tips will elevate your setup and take your gaming to the next level. Whether you’re enhancing your control with dual shifter/handbrake mounts or optimizing your view with single or triple monitor stands, these upgrades will significantly improve your sim racing and flight simulation experiences.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our live chat or email support. Thank you for choosing Simons Gaming Solutions. We look forward to seeing you make the most of your S1 Cockpit!

By incorporating these enhancements, you’ll not only improve your gameplay but also ensure that your S1 Cockpit remains a versatile and immersive part of your sim racing and flight simulation adventures. Happy gaming!

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