3 Sim Racing Rig Accessories to Consider

3 Sim Racing Rig Accessories to Consider

Taking your sim racing hobby to the next level is all about creating a realistic and functional racing environment. While a great wheel and pedal set are the foundation, strategically chosen accessories can significantly enhance your experience. This article explores three sim racing rig accessories worth considering, each offering unique benefits to elevate your virtual cockpit.

1. Television Stand: A Sturdy Platform for Single-Screen Racers

For sim racers who prefer a single-screen setup, a dedicated television stand offers several advantages over using a standard TV stand or dresser. Products like the Television Stand for sale at Simons Gaming Solutions are specifically designed for sim racing, providing a sturdy and adjustable platform for your television.

Benefits of a Television Stand:

  • Optimal viewing height and angle: sim racing television stands are typically lower than standard TV stands, allowing you to position the screen at a more natural viewing angle that mimics real race car seating. This reduces neck strain and improves overall comfort during long races.
  • Enhanced stability: sim racing can involve vigorous movements, especially when using a force feedback wheel. A dedicated television stand, often constructed from heavy-duty materials, provides a stable platform that minimizes screen wobble and ensures a smooth racing experience.
  • Cable management features: many television stands designed for sim racing incorporate cable management solutions. This keeps cables organized and out of sight, creating a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing setup.
Television Stand for sim racing

2. Triple Monitor Stand: The Ultimate in Immersion

For the ultimate in sim racing immersion, a triple monitor stand is a dream upgrade. Imagine a panoramic view of the track stretching out before you, eliminating bezels and creating a seamless visual experience. Triple monitor stands like the one offered by Simons Gaming Solutions achieve this by securely holding three monitors in the optimal position for maximum field of view.

Benefits of a Triple Monitor Stand:

  • Unmatched immersion: a panoramic view drastically increases your field of view, creating a more realistic and immersive racing experience.
  • Improved situational awareness: with a wider field of view, you can see more of the track around you, allowing you to anticipate corners, judge racing lines, and spot potential hazards.
  • Enhanced peripheral vision: the increased field of view provides a more natural feel, similar to what you would experience in a real race car.
  • Adjustable viewing angles: most triple monitor stands allow for fine-tuning the position and angle of each monitor, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for any driver.
Triple Monitor Stand for Sim Racing rig

3. Sim Racing USB Hub: Conquer Cable Clutter

Sim racing setups often involve a multitude of USB peripherals – wheel, pedals, shifter, handbrake, and sometimes additional devices like a button box. This can quickly lead to a tangled mess of cables behind your rig. A Sim Racing USB Hub from Simons Gaming Solutions provides a convenient solution for managing all your USB connections.

Benefits of a Sim Racing USB Hub:

  • Reduced cable clutter: a dedicated USB hub eliminates the need to crawl behind your rig every time you want to connect or disconnect a USB device. It centralizes all your connections in one easily accessible location.
  • Improved cable management: most Sim Racing USB Hubs feature strategically placed mounting points, allowing you to securely attach the hub to your rig and keep cables organized.
  • Potential performance boost: some Sim Racing USB hubs offer powered ports, which can be beneficial for high-power draw devices like some direct drive wheelbases.
Sim Racing Rig USB Hub for Cable Management

Whether you're a seasoned sim racer seeking the ultimate immersive experience or just starting out and looking to optimize your setup, these three accessories from Simons Gaming Solutions are all worth considering. By incorporating a television stand, triple monitor stand, or Sim Racing USB hub into your rig, you can take your sim racing to the next level.


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