F1 2024 v1.3 Patch Notes: Full Description & Explanation

F1 2024 v1.3 Patch Notes: Full Description & Explanation

F1 2024 v1.3 Patch Notes

The highly anticipated v1.3 patch for EA Sports' F1 2024 game has arrived, rolling out on all platforms from Friday, June 7, at 10 am UTC. This update brings a slew of refinements aimed at improving the handling and overall driving experience for players. Here's a detailed look at the changes introduced in this first post-launch patch.

Handling Advancements

The v1.3 patch focuses significantly on handling advancements, a critical aspect of any racing game. The development team, after extensive feedback from players of all levels, has made several key adjustments:

  • Tyre Model Refinements: The tyre model's response to rapidly changing slip angles and ratios has been fixed. Adjustments have also been made to slip curves for post-peak falloff, load sensitivity, and camber effects, enhancing the overall grip and stability.
  • Thermal Model Adjustments: High-temperature behavior in the tyre thermal model has been fine-tuned, ensuring more realistic performance under various conditions.
  • ABS and Traction Control Tuning: Adjustments to ABS, Traction Control, and gamepad controls have been made to align with the new tyre model, providing a smoother and more responsive driving experience.
  • Power Unit and Gear Ratios: Improved power unit balance in 7th and 8th gear and gear ratios matched to 2024 race data ensure a more authentic feel.
  • Suspension Kinematics: Revised suspension kinematics now reflect the 2024 car designs, enhancing the realism of the game.
  • Performance Adjustments: Performance of several teams has been adjusted to align with the 2024 season results up to the Monaco GP.
  • ERS Bug Fix: A bug affecting the MGU-K torque has been fixed, along with a new calibration of Hotlap mode energy use at all tracks.

These changes are aimed at providing a more realistic level of grip and turn-in capabilities, especially noticeable for players using a wheel and without assists. According to Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director, these updates are part of a long-term strategy to enhance the physics tech of the game.

AI and Career Mode Enhancements

To complement the handling changes, AI/CPU-controlled racers have been re-tuned. Players will now experience more unpredictability from AI opponents in Career mode, with future patches set to further refine AI behavior. Specific fixes and improvements include:

  • Component Faults and Failures: AI in Career modes are now more likely to encounter component faults and failures, adding an extra layer of realism.
  • Two Player Career Fixes: Various issues in Two Player Career mode, such as skipped or stuck contract negotiations and desynchronization, have been resolved.
  • Pace Statistic Adjustment: The player's Pace statistic will no longer increase after retiring from a race on the first lap.
  • Specialist Availability: Fixed an issue where Specialists could incorrectly become unavailable in Driver Career.

Graphics and Visuals

The patch brings several graphical and visual enhancements to F1 2024, including:

  • Ray Tracing and Reflection Quality: Improved ray tracing reflection quality adds to the visual fidelity of the game.
  • Dynamic Objectives: Prevented dynamic objectives from sometimes having a deadline beyond the final lap of the race.
  • Collision Effects: More Carbon Fibre particles have been added during collisions in Replays, enhancing the visual realism.
  • Camera Improvements: Replay and Cinematic Safety Car Camera improvements have been made at several tracks.

Audio and Multiplayer Fixes

Audio improvements and multiplayer fixes are also part of the v1.3 patch:

  • Race Engineer and Commentator Audio: Fixed issues with race engineer pitstop lines and commentators being silent after a race in some languages.
  • Multiplayer Mod Fix: Ensured that F1 World ability mods last the correct duration for players with poor connections in multiplayer races.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Additional updates include:

  • UDP Options Capped: UDP Options have now been capped at 60Hz for better performance.
  • Support for Asetek Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase: Added support for this advanced hardware.
  • Casual Wear Customization: More customization items have been added.
  • UI Improvements: Various user interface improvements have been made throughout the game.


The v1.3 patch for F1 2024 is a comprehensive update aimed at refining the gameplay experience based on community feedback. The development team at EA Sports has made significant strides in enhancing the realism and enjoyability of the game, promising further refinements in future updates. Players are encouraged to stay connected to online services to receive these updates and to continue providing feedback to help shape the future of F1 2024.

For more detailed information on bug fixes and to report issues, players can visit the Community Raised Issues thread on EA Answers. Stay tuned to the game's social media channels for the latest news and updates.

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