EA F1 2024 Patch 1.4 Update: Key Fixes and Improvements

EA F1 2024 Patch 1.4 Update: Key Fixes and Improvements

EA F1 2024 Patch 1.4 Update: Key Fixes and Improvements

EA Sports has released the latest patch for F1 2024, version 1.4, on June 12, 2024. This update addresses several critical issues that players have been encountering, ensuring a smoother and more realistic racing experience across all platforms.

Key Fixes and Improvements

Career Mode Adjustments

One of the significant changes in this update is the fix for the Career mode. Previously, players’ Pace ratings were excessively reduced if they failed to achieve the fastest lap. The new patch rectifies this, ensuring a fairer and more balanced progression through Career mode​ (UpdateCrazy)​​ (XP Hub)​.

Race Start Compound Issue

Another major fix involves the issue where all cars could start races on the wrong tire compounds, inappropriate for the track conditions. This update ensures that tire selections align correctly with the weather and track conditions, preventing any unfair advantages or race disruptions​ (UpdateCrazy)​​ (XP Hub)​.

Casual Settings Filter Improvement

The Casual Settings Filter no longer forces Quick Weather to be set to clear, which previously caused problems in certain game modes. This change provides a more versatile and error-free gameplay experience, especially for casual players who rely on preset game conditions​ (UpdateCrazy)​.

ERS System Stability

The update also addresses an issue with the ERS (Energy Recovery System), which could sometimes become unexpectedly disabled. This fix ensures that the ERS operates reliably, allowing players to manage their energy strategies effectively without unexpected interruptions​ (UpdateCrazy)​.

Community Feedback and Future Updates

EA Sports has expressed gratitude to the F1 2024 community for their continuous feedback, which has been instrumental in identifying and addressing these issues. The development team is committed to ongoing refinements based on player input, aiming to make F1 2024 the best possible experience for all players.

For those interested in tracking ongoing issues or reporting new ones, EA Sports has a dedicated Community Raised Issues thread on EA Answers. This thread is updated multiple times a week, providing transparency and keeping the community informed about what is being worked on next.

If players encounter any problems with the new patch or need assistance, they are encouraged to join the discussion thread to share their experiences and get support from the community and developers.


The F1 2024 Patch 1.4 brings essential fixes and improvements that enhance the overall gameplay experience. With these updates, EA Sports continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering a realistic and enjoyable racing simulation, driven by community feedback and continuous development.

For more detailed patch notes and ongoing updates, you can visit the official EA Sports website or community forums.


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